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Transmission Repair Shop

North Side's transmission repair mechanics are ASE Certified and have years of experience in diagnosing and resolving all transmission issues.  In addition to full repair services we also provide transmission fluid flushes to help keep your vehicle running smooth and cool.  

Diagnostics and Transmission Repair 

​When diagnosing a transmission repair we first start with an electric sensor diagnostics test.  Often times a malfunctioning transmission can be the result of a sensor that has gone bad.  These types of repairs are generally very affordable. With up to date diagnostic systems, we are able to perform readings on all vehicle types and brands. 

Alternatively, your vehicle's transmission may need internal repair.  Internal repairs are more involved and could include repair to gears, clutch plates, springs, or seals.  

It's important to remember that your transmission is the second most important driving force in your automobile.  

Without proper repair and maintenance you are increasing the possibility for long-term power lose and overall poor engine health.   This is why it's so important to perform all your regular scheduled maintenance services and have an ASE mechanic doing your repairs.

Automotive Transmission Fluid Flush

Depending on your vehicle type and driving style, scheduled maintenance for a transmission fluid flush can fluctuate.  
For a general time frame, most vehicles require transmission fluid flushes between 70 and 80 thousands miles.  

By keeping up to date on simple fluid changes like  your vehicle's transmission, you can greatly increase the lifespan and long term power supply of your vehicle.   Without these fluid changes, mechanical failures and repair rates will only increase. 

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