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Auto Service & ´╗┐General´╗┐ Maintenance 

With an extensive level of technology and shop equipment our auto service department can handle any type of repair or required maintenance that your vehicle may have. Employing ASE certified mechanics we provide specialized auto-repairs as well as bumper to bumper services for all domestic, import or luxury vehicles.     

auto service

New Tire & Balance

With new designs and constructive technology now in play, automotive tries can increase your MPG, provide reduced road noise, and most importantly, greatly improve traction in both rain and snowy conditions.  

With an full selection of tires to choose from Northside's auto service can equip your vehicle  with the industries most advanced and trusted brands. 

Automotive Repair Service

Tire Maintenance and Replacement 101: 

New Car Tires

The two most common mistakes that we see consumers make when it comes to their tires are:

#1. Not rotating their tires on a regular scheduled basis; When driving a vehicle, the front two tires will experience different load and wear conditions than tires in the back.  

As a result your front two tires will erode faster than your rear.  If neglected and not rotated when scheduled this will lead to a premature need for replacement of all four tires or even worse reducing your vehicles ability to maintain control or even stop in poor weather conditions.

#2. Not replacing the old with the new as soon as they should;  Tires are not only a finical investment but that they are also an investment in your safety when on the road.  We find that a lot of people are not aware of when they should replace their tires.   As a result many people drive way beyond the safe point and comprise their vehicles safety standard.

Understanding that tires are an investment we always work with our clients in helping them choose the best tire for their budget and driving style.  Keeping you under control and safe on wet, dry, icy, or snowy roads is our top concern.

Please refer to the penny and quarter test.  This will help you gauge whether or not your tire tread is due for replacement.
Click here for more information on automotive care and how to's. 

Full Tune Up

Our full tune-up includes  a 12 point check of your vehicle which includes new filters, joint greasing, door lubrication, tire pressure checks, light bulb checks, a top off to all fluids under the hood, new spark plugs & wires, transmission flush, and a radiator flush.

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