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At Northside Auto Body Shop, we understand that the appearance of your vehicle can have an impact on the way you present your self or even possibly effect how you feel.  It's very likely that the look and feel of your car or truck was part of the reason you purchased your vehicle in the first place.  Let's face it, we all like shiny new toys.  

Which is exactly why it feels so horrible when the unfortunate happens.  For example, your auto body starts to deteriorate and rust, or over time your car body is speckled with dents, dings, and paint chips.  Or even worse, you get into an auto collision which requires complete body panel replacement. 

Keeping an automotive body in pristine condition is not an easy task.  It's nearly impossible if your using it for everyday transportation.  As a result of this, it is up to us to return vehicles to a like-new condition through our comprehensive restoration services. 

The Auto Body  Shop Experience  

Our auto body shop and paint specialist are certified  and hold over 15 years of experience.   With a passion for quality results, you can trust that there are no “cutting corners” or errors in our work, only tight lines and glossy smooth clear coats. Everything is done to perfection.  

We approach auto body repairs and restoration projects in a comprehensive way, every time.  This ensures successful completion and 100% customer satisfaction.  Restoring  your cars appearance to a like new condition is our highest priority. 

 Automotive Body Paint Matching & Custom Mixing

Auto Body Shop

One of the most important factors when restoring a vehicle to original condition is the ability to accurately match the new pain with the old.  This is especially true if your car is receiving paint to a restricted area.  

In addition to paint matching we are happy to be able to provide clients with further color customization options.    Whatever the paint style is that you would like we can achieve with our in-house paint mixing system. 

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