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Northside Collision is a Full Service Auto Body Repair Shop

Our 5 Point Body Shop Highlights

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Fast Auto Service   (734) 961-8076

 Practical Advice 

We live in the real world.  We understand that you don't have an unlimited budget. If your vehicle requires multiple repairs, we will help you prioritize your service needs.

We Still Sweat The Small Stuff

Cutting corners is a common practice in the Automotive Industry, it's a sad fact. We could cut corners too, but we don't. Little things matter to us, like returning your vehicle clean & pristine -- We actually Vacuum the floor boards and wash the windshield.

Auto Body Shop & Restoration Repairs 

Auto Body Shop Spray Booth

​At Northside Auto Body Shop, we understand that the appearance of your vehicle can have an impact on the way you present your self or even possibly effect how you feel.  It's very likely that the look and feel of your car or truck was part of the reason you purchased your vehicle in the first place.  Let's face it, we all like a shiny new toys.  

Which is exactly why it feels so horrible when the unfortunate happens.  For example, your auto body starts to deteriorate and rust, or over time your car body is speckled with dents, dings, and paint chips.  Or even worse, you get into an auto collision which requires complete body panel replacement

Keeping an automotive body in pristine condition is not an easy task.  It's nearly impossible if your using it for everyday transportation.  As a result of this, it is up to us to return vehicles to a like-new condition through our comprehensive auto body restoration services

 Automotive Body Paint ​Matching & Custom Mixing

Auto Body Shop

​One of the most important factors when restoring a vehicle to original condition is the ability to accurately match the new pain with the old.  This is especially true if your car is receiving paint to a restricted area.  

In addition to paint matching we are happy to be able to provide clients with further color customization options.    Whatever the paint style is that you would like we can achieve with our in-house paint mixing system. 

Some of our happy customers!

thomas waters
thomas waters

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

They are awesome! It’s odd to be excited about fixing a damaged car (someone ran into the back of my car), but they did a great job.

Joe and his staff were easy to work with, reasonably priced and made a follow-up issue totally painless. Fingers crossed that I don’t have to fix a broken car, but I’d be excited to use these guys again.

Jose Carrasco
Jose Carrasco

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Exceptional work and customer service. Joe took care of everything with my insurance company and kept me updated on every step of the repair process - they even paid my deductible. Unfortunate to have to get repairs done - but car looks like new!

Tim&Leslie McMacken
Tim&Leslie McMacken

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

After our first accident in a long time we needed a to get a couple of quotes. Northside"s quote was significantly less than two other area shops and could get the car in right away. Northside was also recommended by a co-worker who was very pleased with the work. The repairs were promised to be finished within a week to ten days and they were finished two days early. Northside did a terrific job. Our 2006 Toyota hasn't looked that good in years. The best part for us is that they took care of all the details with the insurance company and kept us up to date at every step. Joe, the manager was great. He couldn't have been more on top of things or more pleasant. Everyone at Northside was terrific. If you are looking for a collision shop that really delivers, then Northside is the place to go.

Alexis Melton
Alexis Melton

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Always great customer service AND affordable! I’ve been multiple times and even made referrals. I went in on 12/26/18 for a blown out headlight and the staff was kind enough to install it free of charge. I’m so grateful! Shop with Northside Collision.

Destiny Pittman
Destiny Pittman

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 weeks ago

Honestly I don’t know much about the business as a whole but i had an absolutely terrible experience with my vehicle here dealing with joe who is some sort of “manager” had my car towed on a Saturday after hours, returned the following Monday to speak with someone about getting an estimate. Long story short they were not able to get to my vehicle that day (understandable) because they were super busy. I left my car and key with joe so that when they were available they could check it out and inform me on what the estimate would be. Day after day after day went by and he failed to reach out to me or even update me on the status of my vehicle, which had me feeling worried. I basically felt like I had to run him down with calling just to be updated on what was going on and still I never received any clear information. I spoke with someone else and they gave me a price but stated they were not sure if the estimate was complete bc joe was handling it but he put in a note for joe to call me. Days after that went by and still no call from joe.. so when I finally reached out again he told me the same estimate price that I was given by the other guy and he stated that the estimate price would get my car back rolling but he still had to go around and add in cosmetic damage to estimate. Days went by before he actually FINALLY called me and he stated that they were not able to fix my car and that I would need to pick it up the next Tuesday (very last minute call to pickup my vehicle after it had sat for weeks with no one telling me much of anything clear) or I would have to start paying them storage fees. Joe never kept in touch with me on updates for my vehicle but he started calling to inquire about when I would be getting it from the shop because they “couldn’t fix it but another collision shop will” joe stated when we spoke about me getting my vehicle that as long as I get my car before a particular Monday that I would be good and not owe storage fees. I arrived on a Saturday (before the Monday he said) and they still tried to say I owed storage fees. The front desk guy (john) stated he wasn’t really sure what was going on but he tried calling joe and the owner and no one would respond. I was told that I should wait until Monday when the owner would be in to get my vehicle. Being frustrated fed up and no longer trusting anyone at Northside collision I straight up told them that I refuse to wait until Monday just to have them tell me a whole different story. I simply told them to give me the “storage” price and whatever it was I stated that I would pay it (even though they were wrong) to avoid my car sitting there one more SECOND. John is who I spoke to when I went to take my vehicle from there and he was a super nice guy and was very apologetic for the experience that I had. So my overall experience was terrible and I feel that joe was very unprofessional (I had no dealings with anyone other than joe and john there) not sure how others operate here but him being a manager worries me. I left feeling very unclear and confused about the situation, also felt like my potential business wasn’t desired and I was just shoved off. I would never go back or patronize them ever! Nor would I recommend them to anyone. Communication skills are terrible and they dont give clear information and customer service was terrible on the behalf of joe.

We stand behind our product.  If there is a service based defect we cover the cost. 

Our Service Area

By  working with several automotive towing companies, we are able to provide auto repair and collision shop services to Ann Arbor, Canton Mi, Plymouth Mi, Belleville, Ypsilanti, Saline, Dexter, and sounding area residents.  Let us help you get your vehicle to Northside Collision.  

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